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penile diatribes [entries|friends|calendar]

smug, freakishly ambidextrous, claustrophobe, drummer, 20, inherently pessimistic, 11.14.83, maladjust, ex-smoker, repenant non-virgin, recovering SI-er, potty mouth, porn hoarder, brown eyes, reading glasses, cynic, tattoos, shy, activist, anti-bush, inflammed semi-militant atheist, typical scorpio, addictive/obsessive personality, generous, arachnophobe, cartilage piercing, bisexual, hugeass muse fan, easily amused, emphysimic hyeana laugh, college drop-out, the little prince, resident shit-talker, ninja-for-hire.

aural top 10:
1. muse = coma
2. portishead = sour times (live roseland nyc)
3. muse = time is running out
4. mirwais = disco science
5. the avalanches = frontier psychiatrist
6. punjabi mc = knightrider remix
7. stan bush = the touch
8. aphex twin = outside kickass violin solo
9. autopilot off = silver star
10. joss stone = super duper love

current fixations: (8.20.04)
1. MU online
2. Matthew Bellamy
3. Kimi's Blue Swirl
4. Billy Boyd's irish burr
5. L hoodie + ecko bootcut acidwash + girbaud sling bag + keds + bedhead = non-poseur poseur
6. N.E.R.D
8. Miyazaki's Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke
9. virgin coconut oil
10. Dax Shepard

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heads up [Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

i need a ginormous change, having just been left raw by a bitchslap from the tail-end of the bad karma i've accumulated the past few weeks when i, interestingly, was handing out doom and gloom by the assload. so all is good, clean slate. to commemorate i will be deleting you lot from my friend's list since, no offense, i havent been reading anyone, and im aware i havent been as active as i was. so yes, friend deletion and then account deletion.

which is just about how far ive gone planning this whole shit. baby steps.

take it easy you guys.
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[Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

nevermind the date.

this gig is dead.
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